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the new me

I could care less about the boy now. He dont care so i dont either. Girls boys are trouble belive me there nothing but trouble. I should never of got that close to a boy and now i wont ever again

vampires and wolves

Okay we all know that vampires arent real. Or maybe they are depends on what you believe. Werewolves to me is a regular wolf and not the mythical thing that stands on two feet. But they say there not real but what i think is maybe they are and just maybe hinding because they know if they show themselves they will be examed and people will be scared. BUT WHO KNOWS

people issues

i got a question have any of you ever dealt with a situation where the boy you love cant even talk to you because of his parents? Im dealing with that now and i dont know what to do about it im trying to forget him but i cant. so what can you do because moving on with your life is impossable and it hurts i never thought i would meet someone who made me want to be the real me and it hurts to let him go like this i tried talking to him and he wont budge about it and he is my life and my world but what am i to him i thought we had everything we ever wanted i want to be the real me around him but how can i do that when his parents get in the way of that all the time

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